Chrysler has started using a Controller Area Network ( CAN ) Bus for intercommunication between most every system in at least 6 vehicles. These vehicles are: 2005+ Chrysler 300, Dodge Magnum, Dodge Charger ( All LX line vehicles ), 2004+ Dodge Dakota, 2006+ Dodge Ram, and the 2005+ Jeep Grand Cherokee.

There are 3 separate CAN buses in these vehicles.

-[CAN-C] Engine / Critical systems CAN Bus ( Engine, Transmission, AntiLock breaks, ESP, etc.. )

-[CAN-B] Interior Comfort CAN Bus ( Climate Control, Car Audio system, Dash cluster, EVIC, etc.. )

-[diagnostic CAN-C] Diagnostic CAN Bus ( Has the capability of pulling service codes from the other two buses, but not directly connected to either )

CAN Logger Analysis Tool

This tool has been online for a while now, but only linked in messages on the Forum. So, here it is now out in the open...

CAN Log Analysis Tool

Keep in mind. There's a LOT of data in the database, and some requests may take some time to process and return a page. Please be Patient.

Michael J. Kidd

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